How our team took on Seoul Fashion Week!

Lie-Sang-Bong-F014Having finished work on shows in London, Paris, Milan and New York, it was time for our fantastically talented team to take their expertise to other far-flung destinations – including Seoul Fashion Week! Here’s Elena’s report on how Team Neville took Seoul by storm…

“I was privileged to be a guest at Seoul Fashion Week while I was managing my Neville team during their debut show at this prestigious international event. Working at fashion weeks around the globe and spending so much time backstage has become a regular part of my life and, with the promise of some fresh international invitations, it’s probably going to happen even more frequently!

“I was impressed with all the collections I’ve seen at Seoul Fashion Week and, in my opinion, it’s not surprising that almost everything these days – from technology and food to music, film and fashion – has been very much influenced by creative forces from this amazing Asian city.

“All the shows had a high level of execution bar one very important part; that final touch of grooming which involves hairstyles, nails and make-up. Backstage, each show was almost overcrowded and while the hair and beauty teams worked very hard, the level of expertise of the stylists was next to zero. With most hair teams that I saw, I couldn’t guess who was the head creative director for the show. The majority of hairstyles also looked similar to each other, with no distinct features or originality.

“For these reasons, the Lie Sang Bong show styled by the Neville team definitely stood out. We took great pleasure in visiting Mr Lie’s showroom in Seoul’s fashionable Gangnam district where he held the fittings for the show. The showroom was such a great mixture of art and fashion that I couldn’t help but Instagram (follow us on NevilleSalon) and share immediately with the rest of the world while our top man, Stephen Low, was creating and practicing the hairstyles.

“What was also amazing was that the Neville team was able to work with Korean stylists who were extremely happy and grateful to assist us for Seoul Fashion Week show. It was definitely a highlight for me to witness their enthusiasm and willingness – they even enquired about “where else in the world they would be able to help us.

“The proudest moment for me was when the main show at Seoul Fashion Week chose to work with the Neville team and for that I have to thank the expertise of our brilliant Neville stylists – a huge well done to the Neville boys!”

Three New Year offers at Neville Spa at The Bulgari

If you’ve made it your new year’s resolution to look and feel your very best, read on…
To celebrate the start of 2014, Neville clients can now enjoy three exclusive membership offers at The Bulgari Spa:

Bulgari beauty membership:

- Joining fee 100 % discount
- Annual fee – £5,500
- 12 guest passes – £1,080
- One Blow dry per month (£60 x 12 = 720)
- One Manicure per month (45 x 12= 540)
Value:  £12,660
Price for Neville clients: £8,260 

Top to toe beauty membership:

- Joining fee 100 % discount
- Annual fee – £5,500
- 12 guest passes
- One Blow dry per month –£60 x 12 = £720
- One Luxury Manicure per month – 63 x 12= £756
- One Luxury Pedicure per month – 72 x 12= £864
Value:  £14,220
Price for Neville clients: 

Man membership:

- Joining fee 100 % discount
- Annual fee – £5,500
- 12 guest passes – £1,080
- One Hair cut per month –£90 x 12 = £1,080
Value:  £11,280
Price for Neville clients: £8,080

Call the Bulgari salon on ­+44 (0) 207 151 1055 to take advantage of these offers.

New from L’Oréal Professionnel Education for 2104 – Session Masterclass, Featuring Stephen Low from Neville’s.

Duration: 15 Days -  3 consecutive weeks starting 24th February
Investment:  £6000 inc VAT
Location: L’Oréal International Academy in London

This 3 week intensive course will teach you the basics of how to create fashion inspired, session hair for a variety of needs – from working with fashion designers to magazine shoots.  The focus will be on working with professional models, fashion stylists and make-up artists as well as fellow hair stylists. Taught by some of the best in the industry students will analyse the various phase in the organisation of a fashion photo-shoot from concept to realisation.

Students who participate in this intensive course will not only be fully inspired and educated in session styling. they will leave with 3 photo’s to use in their portfolio, and the opportunity and skill to be successfully recruited to work in session hairdressing.

Key Learning’s
- A complete understanding of session hairdressing
- The knowledge of how to approach session hairdressing for fashion work and photographic work
- The role a hairdresser plays in fashion

- Any hairdresser that has the desire to work in Session Hairdressing and already has ability to successfully style and dress hair

Neville’s style shoot in St Barth’s

neville shoot 2While I held the fort in Belgravia last week, Neville flew out to our salon in St Barth’s to work with the talented team at Style Magazine on their shoot. I adore this shot below of Neville putting the final touches to the model’s hair – because I love his perfectionism!

Discover more about our St Barth’s salon in the heart of paradise here…


nevillestbartsNeville Shoot

New Brow & Lash Bar at Neville’s!

We’re delighted to extend our range of cutting-edge brow and lash treatments for our clients here at Neville with the launch of the Brow Bar on the lower ground floor. Our therapist Suma is an absolute brow perfectionist and has developed a luxurious, pain-free approach to creating the perfect arch and the most natural looking luscious lashes.Appointments are not always necessary so if you are heading in for colour or a cut, we will do our upmost to fit you in for this speedy yet transformative treatment. Head to the Brow Bar for:

LVL Lashes This revolutionary alternative to lash extensions uses a new silicon shield to lift the eyelashes from the roots, creating the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. Lasting up to six weeks, this treatment takes just 30-45 minutes and is adhesive free.

Threading The ancient art of threading is a facial hair removal process that can lift away many hairs in one go. It also softens hair and can make it grow back more slowly.

Brow and lash tinting Suma will custom blend your colour and apply it while you relax in her reclining chair and can darken or lighten your brows to complement your skin and hair tone.

Brow shaping Creating the perfect brow shape can transform your face – it opens up your eyes, accentuates your eye colour and frames the face.

Cluster lashes and strip lashes Perfect for a holiday or big weekend, these glamorous additions last for up to two weeks.

Expert aftercare From start to finish, we use trusted techniques to ensure that your treatment is as pain free as possible and that you leave the salon looking calm and well groomed. From cold compresses and barrier repair cream to rose water and mineral power to finish the look, you can rest assured that we have everything to hand to achieve the perfect finish.

Claire Linnette’s Eyelush opens at Neville’s

claire Linnette

Claire Linnette 

‘My clients all say that they’re addicted to these lashes, they give a massive wow factor. You get up in the morning and you’re good to go, you’ll look wide awake with amazing eyes from the minute you wake up! ’

Founded in 2011 by master lash stylist Claire Linnette, Eyelush is now at Neville’s. This revolutionary lash technique has fast become the lash treatment of choice for those craving luscious yet natural looking extensions that don’t damage the natural lash.

Eyelush adopts the certified techniques of the global leader in eyelash extensions, Xtreme Lashes. As a master lash stylist, Claire holds the advanced certification with Xtreme Lashes as well as being the primary London educator for Xtreme Lashes UK. Eyelush has created beautiful lashes for a number of celebrities and high profile clients and specialise only in eyelash extensions, in order to provide clients with not only the highest expertise but also the reassurance of safe, long lasting, beautiful and natural looking lashes. The treatment is completely pain free – in fact, Claire reports that many clients fall asleep during the application!